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9 Reasons Why Your Avocado Leaves are Sick (How To Fix)

Growing an avocado tree can be tricky, oftentimes we sprout the seed expecting them to grow like any other tree in our garden, but let’s not forget that the avocado plant is a tropical fruit and it’s very hard for it to grow without abundant sun and lots of humidity.

Here are the main 9 reasons that could ruin your avocado tree.


Why are my avocado tree leaves drying up?

There are a few main reasons for leaves to dry up and fall. 

The most important of them all is the fact that avocado trees (Persea americana) hardly grow well indoors or anywhere else except the tropical climate. It prefers lots of sunlight and intense atmospheric humidity.

There is not enough sunlight and too much water in the soil.

Also, don’t forget that avocados are self-thinning, they will naturally shed leaves during rapid growth.

Another reason for the leaves to dry up is the fact that the soil might contain a little bit too much salt.


Why do avocado leaves fall off?

If the leaves are green and not dry, the main cause might be phytophthora, or more commonly known, root rot. Another reason might be Persea mites, they have eight legs and an oval shape. You could spray some water over the leaves or use a pest control solution, preferably a natural one.

If you are not living in the tropical zone, during cold weather the avocado tree can lose some leaves to air dryness and lack of sun.


Should I cut the dead leaves off my avocado tree?

It is unnecessary to cut the dead leaves of the tree, mainly because they will fall off naturally. If you notice pests on the dead leaves then it would be wise to remove the leaves from the tree and make sure that the pests did not spread to the rest of the leaves.


Why are avocado leaves curling?

Quick temperature changes are the most common cause of avocado leaves curling. Avocado trees are adapted to tropical weather, and when we grow them outside their comfort zone sudden temperature changes ruin the leaves and force them to curl.

Also underwatering, lack of nutrients, and root rot can be a cause for this issue.


Why are avocado leaves turning yellow?

The main reason is nutrient deficiency, make sure that the soil has nitrogen and a little bit of zinc. 

Most likely it is an iron deficiency that can be remedied easily with nutrients. Citrus fertilizer will do the trick.

The pH should be 7 or below, if the soil is too alkaline you can use sphagnum moss.


Why do avocado leaves turn black?

You might have encountered a very serious issue, Anthracnose.
This is a fungal disease that starts with irregular black spots on the leaf and the fruit skin.

The scientific name is Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, if not treated it will ruin the tree.

To solve this issue use fungicide and proper irrigation techniques.


Why are avocado leaves turning brown?

Leaves turn brown because of the following causes:

  • Nutrient deficiency.
  • Dry conditions.
  • Inadequate irrigation.
  • Dry wind.
  • Frost


Why do my avocado leaves turn purple?

Phosphorus deficiency is the main reason why the leaves turn purple.
But there can be other reasons also, be sure to not misdiagnose the plant.
It can also be, poor soil, too much fertilizer, poor drainage, insect damage, lack of magnesium, calcium, potassium, nitrogen, and as we said above phosphorus.


Why are my avocado tree leaves drooping?

The main cause of leaves drooping is overwatering, also the 2nd main cause is the size of the pot the avocado tree is growing.
Make sure the soil is not too damp and the pot is large enough for the tree.