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5 Tips to Grow Your Avocado Seed (Best Success Rate)

After growing a few dozen avocados from seeds I have determined that the most important factor is patience. But sometimes we really do want to grow it faster and here are a few tips that can increase the growth rate of your avocado seed into a beautiful indoor or outdoor tree.


Cut 1/4th inch from the bottom of the seed, rinse it. Use 4 toothpicks to suspend it bottom down, over a glass filled with water covering an inch of the seed. Place the glass out of direct sunlight at room temperature and change the water once every week. You will see results in 2-6 weeks.


Use soil as a medium for your seed then peeling the skin will accelerate the growth process.

Being prepared will also teach you to be cautios and avoid avocado fruit rot in the future.

Will a refrigerated avocado seed grow?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is, seeds are programmed to be viable for a length of time. Seeds have survived extreme cold for hundreds of years even permafrost and still germinate when planted.


Will a dried avocado seed grow?

If the avocado seed is all dried out then it is dead and it will not grow. The avocado pits need to be planted relatively quickly after being removed from the fruit. You could dry the seed for a few days so that it is easier to remove the skin but even then you could risk damaging the seed. 

You can see if the pit is fully dried out by cutting a quarter of an inch from the bottom of the seed, and if it’s slightly wet then it could still sprout.


What happens if my avocado seed splits in half?

If the pit has split in half then you might not be able to save it because of the shock. But you can still try saving and succeed if the roots and stem are both connected to one half. Sometimes even if the roots and stem are on a different half of the seed the plant can be saved by putting it back together and planting it into the soil without covering the tip of the seed.

It is good to remember that a damaged avocado seed is not always doomed, with some extra care you could save it.


Does age affect the avocado pit germination rate?

Yes, it does. The older the seed is the harder it will be for it to germinate. Most avocado seeds are only viable for around a month after the fruit has been picked. The best time to collect the seed is when the avocado fruit is slightly soft, this way you have the best chance of successful germination.


When is the best time to germinate avocado seeds?

The best season to germinate would be early fall or spring. Planting in late fall or winter might postpone the germination process until the spring. If done indoors with correct lighting cycles and room temperature you can grow avocado pits all year round.
Check on the germinating avocado seed so you can controll the process and avoid avocado seed rot.