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Tidy Kitchen Cabinets: 7 Genius Organizing Ideas

Organizing kitchen cabinets can transform a cluttered space into an efficient, streamlined area. Start by removing everything from the cabinets and discarding expired items or duplicates. Group like items together, such as baking supplies or canned goods. Use clear containers to store items and label them for easy visibility. Install cabinet organizers like spinning lazy Susans, stacking shelves, and door racks to maximize space. 

Place frequently used items at eye level and less-used items on higher or lower shelves. Maintain your system by putting items back neatly after each use. Regularly purge anything you no longer need.


Remember to Label Your Products

labeled products in a kitchen cabinetSource: Instagram

While labels add an attractive, stylish touch to your cabinets, they serve a practical purpose too – especially if you live with family members who aren’t as organized as you. Labels provide an easy way for everyone, including children, to return items to their proper place and avoid creating clutter or disorganization whenever they use the kitchen. By clearly identifying where things belong, labels help maintain an organized system without constant reminders or messes.


Chalkboard Inside The Cabinet

Chalkboard Inside The CabinetSource: manditremayne

If you’re a cooking enthusiast like me, you’ll appreciate this clever idea. Create your own chalkboard with measurement markings right on your cabinet doors.

The process is simple: Remove the cabinet door, coat it with chalkboard paint, allow it to dry thoroughly, and then reinstall the door. For added convenience, consider attaching wooden strips to hang your measuring cups and spoons. This stylish set would be a perfect addition.

To complete the project, you’ll need a few liquid chalk pens to write out the measurement increments. This is an excellent solution for anyone who loves cooking regularly, especially for baking and confectionary dishes where precise measurements are crucial.


Simple Pull-Out Rolling Shelves

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Key organization storage concepts: 

  1. Give everything a home 
  2. Keep like with like. 

This coffee spot checks both boxes! Extra props for the boxes that help gather the little pods that can so easily get scattered. ⠀


Tall Wire Baskets

Tall wire bascket in kitchen cabinetSource: Instagram


These thin cabinets are perfect for cutting boards and bakeware. This wire basket makes it easy to grab what you need. Pull out, select and push back


Spice Organizer with Drawers

Spice Organizer with Drawers

Maximize your cabinet space by utilizing vertical organizers like this spice drawer rack. When you’re short on storage, taking advantage of the vertical area is key.

This nifty organizer allows you to neatly store your spice jars and bottles in the pull-out drawers, keeping them neat and accessible. You can even label each drawer, so the next time you need a particular spice, simply read the label and open the corresponding drawer – no more rummaging through cluttered cabinets.

It’s a simple yet ingenious solution for streamlining your spice storage and making the most of your limited cabinet space. With everything organized and labeled, your cooking experience just got that much easier!


DIY Spice Drawer

DIY Spice DrawerSource: hydrangeatreehouse

If storage space isn’t a concern and you’re more focused on creating an aesthetically pleasing display, consider crafting your own wooden spice organizer. This is a stylish solution that you often see in home decor and kitchen stores, allowing you to both showcases your spice collection and keep it neatly organized.

Constructing a wooden spice rack or cabinet not only adds a rustic, charming touch to your kitchen, but it also serves as a practical way to arrange your spices in plain sight. With each bottle or jar housed in its designated slot or cubby, your vibrant array of seasonings becomes a visually appealing feature while remaining easily accessible for cooking and baking. It’s a winning combination of form and function that elevates your kitchen’s ambiance while streamlining your spice organization.


Corner Storage

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To make the most of any unused space between your cabinet doors and shelves, consider installing small wire baskets. These compact organizers can hold lightweight items efficiently.

Mounting the baskets securely is key. For a sturdier solution, you can use nails to firmly attach them to the interior of the cabinet. However, if you plan on storing extremely lightweight items, heavy-duty super glue might provide enough adhesion to keep the baskets in place.

This simple hack allows you to capitalize on those often-overlooked nooks and crannies within your cabinets, creating supplementary storage without sacrificing accessibility. The wire baskets offer a tidy way to organize smaller items that may otherwise get lost or contribute to clutter on the shelves.