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Trendy Crochet Braids Styles for 2024 – Braids, Twists & Locs

Flowing Crochet Beach Waves


A temporary yet lasting style to consider is flowing crochet beach waves. Forgo the time and expense of styling your own hair into free-flowing waves; opt for the convenient crochet approach. However, be mindful of their limited lifespan. As curly crochet hair is typically synthetic, it cannot withstand water, heat, or excessive product application.


Chic Curly Crochet Braided Style 


Seeking an effortlessly stylish hairstyle that allows you to embrace your natural curls? Consider the curly crochet braided style, a versatile and low-maintenance option for black women. This hairstyle typically involves adding curly extensions using the crochet braiding technique, resulting in bouncy and voluminous curls.


Seamless Knotless Crochet Braids


Knotless crochet braids are an excellent choice if you’re seeking a fabulous protective style. They provide an effortless way to switch up your look while maintaining healthy and strong hair. When opting for this hairstyle, inform your stylist about the desired curl pattern and hair length. To keep them looking fresh, lightly moisturize every few days and gently brush out any tangles or knots before bedtime.


Charming Crochet Box Braids with Curly Ends 


Crochet box braids or faux locs with curly ends are a quick yet stunning protective style for women on the go. Consider how you plan to wear your new style when deciding between individually crocheted braids or braids installed in rows. Explore the extensive options that crochet braids can offer, with countless colors, lengths, and wave patterns to choose from.


Afro Crochet Curl Embrace 


Even if your natural hair doesn’t possess the desired curl pattern, you can still achieve Afro crochet curls. Request your braider to use the crochet technique, and choose from different patterns when getting your crochet installed.


Boho-Inspired Braids with Blonde Accents 


Boho-inspired braids with blonde highlights are a beautiful fusion of two timeless styles. With a traditional sew-in in the back and Fulani-inspired braids at the top, a design like this can help you achieve the best of both worlds in hair design, while your natural hair remains fully protected. If others can blend different styles and crochet braid patterns, so can you!


Elegant Very Long Crochet Braids 


If you’re short on time for a full-length braiding session, these very long crochet braids could be the solution. As the curls are pre-prepared, a crochet hook is required for installation. Be prepared to have your hair braided down like a wig base. Remember to consult your braider about the best curl pattern and length for your desired style.


Crochet Bohemian Twist Embrace

Bohemian twist crochet braids create a sleek, stylish finish. The style features waist-length crochet twists with curly ends, adding a softer touch. These crochet twist styles make for a rocker-chic finish!


Passion Twist Crochet Braids Flair 


Passion twist crochet braids are a great way to add length and volume while still enjoying a lightweight, protective style. This type of crochet will save you time on installation as the hair is pre-braided. Protect with a satin cap at night to preserve your hairstyle. If you want to try a crochet hairstyle with less scalp tension, opt for knotless crochet braids.


Mesmerizing Twist-Out Crochet Braids 


These twist-out braids for waves or curls create a youthful hairstyle. The natural girl knows the struggle of achieving a perfect twist out. These long crochet beach waves can provide added length for a longer-lasting protective hairstyle.


Trendy Half-Braided Crochet Hair 


Half-braided crochet hair reduces the installation time for your locks. Great for someone with fine hair to achieve volume without tension on their follicles. Best achieved with the cornrow method.


Gorgeous Cornrows and Crochet Braids Fusion 


Try cornrows and braids as your next protective style. Crochet hairstyles for black women are great for adding volume. Cornrows at the front will give you control and make pulling it back easier on the days you want to tame the mane.


Cute Crochet Braids with Loose Curly Ends 


These crochet box braids with loose curly ends look unique and creative; you can style them any way you’d like. Keep the curls defined with mousse for this hairstyle, and use a good product. It lasts longer if maintained properly.


Vivid Crochet Braided Deep Twist Flair 


These crochet twists in a half updo with strands of magenta can be your go-to if you want to experiment with new hair color. Be sure to have a professional install them. Get a treatment before and after, and use Influance hair care products like rosemary stimulating spray, organic complex, and coconut milk leave-in conditioner to maintain the scalp.


Beautiful Micro Crochet Braids Embrace 


These micro crochet braids are super trendy right now. Micro braids styles can complete and complement ladies in so many ways. This will give you many diverse styling options and help protect your hair.


The Crochet Havana Twist Style 


Pull off the Havana twist with big crochet hairstyles like this for a fuller result that looks great when long. Add a few strands with a dark blonde hue to give your hair a little dimension. And maybe jazz up these crochet braids with a high bun for a smart-looking style.


Curly Crochet Bob Hairstyle 


This style is a layered crochet bob with very wispy bangs, and it’s a very popular and great protective style! The curls are the key to this super cute hairstyle. Straight hair is fun, but a curly bob crochet hairstyle like this is very trendy and works great in the summer.


Popular Long Crochet Braids 


Those neat long crochet braids radiate a youthful and carefree vibe. Natural curls can work great with crochet twist hairstyles. Even so, the Water Wave hair by the brand Freetress will do the job, too! Water Wave is an excellent product for creating new hairstyles like this one.


Amazing Jumbo Crochet Braids 


Jumbo individual braids are guaranteed to stand out! Jumbo braids go very well on most face shapes. To recreate the crochet braiding, get a crochet latch hook, pieces of crochet twist, and a comb. Remember the oils to apply on the scalp. One crucial tip for black crochet hairstyles is not to braid the edges too tight to avoid breakage or receding frontline.


Sweet Kinky Twists on Crochet Hair 


Kinky or spring twists with crochet curls give that bouncy, full-bodied shape. They even appear stunning and cute on any black woman! These kinks keep the scalp always cool and dry to prevent irritation.


The Crochet Mambo Twist 


The mambo twist for curly hair makes such a straightforward yet edgy crochet braided loc style. Any lady wearing it can steal attention due to its vast shape. When wearing these hairstyles, oil the scalp at least every three days to avoid buildup and dry scalp. It’ll also help the style to last longer.


Sassy Crochet Faux Locs 


This look is the crochet faux locs style that lasts a month or longer, depending on the person. I also love the fact that it only takes two hours to install this look. You should always use synthetic braiding hair when braiding your natural hair into a pattern so that the style stays nice and tight. Women can wear these crochet faux locks, but it’s usually seen on Naturalistas!


Trendy Medium Crochet Weave 


Who’s obsessed with a trendy medium crochet weave? These locks create a vast-looking hairstyle, and since it’s a protective style, start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. It’s an important aspect to pull it off. The hairstyle with weave is sure to work with natural kinks.


Classic Crochet Goddess Locs 


Crochet goddess locs give hair a lot more body and structure. With a deep side part, it provides a show-stopping edge. And similar to natural dread locs, this style offers fullness. Use peppermint oil if your hair needs a little moisturizer.


Classy Crochet Jumbo Twists 


These jumbo curly braids are low-maintenance, and you can make this style as big as you like. To recreate this look, use X-Pression Whirly Loop crochet hair. Use a light oil to give it some sheen; you are all set. Make sure to pull each curl bundle apart for best results.

The Crochet Senegalese Twist 


Wonderful handiwork of half-up half-down crochet style with thick Senegalese twists. Not only does it protect your hair, but it also is a statement in itself!


Beautiful Crochet Braided Goddess Updo 


This look is described as crochet goddess waves in a high ponytail updo. My favorite thing about this look is that all of your hair is braided, and the “locs” are attached to the braids, which offer protective styling.


Feminine Crochet Marley Hair

Long Marley hair is a protective natural hairstyle that ladies with kinks must try! This side-parted crochet hairstyle is fun to wear. With a long length, it offers versatility in styling, like updos. Always moisturize the roots and keep the scalp oiled when wearing these twists. Maintenance is the key so it lasts longer.


Casual Short Crochet Braids 


The short braids turn out to be both alluring and demure. A woman who wears it would feel a lot of confidence. When this hair is installed, be sure not to separate it too much.

Crochet braids make a chic protective hairstyle that’s achieved by attaching a braided hair extension to a woman’s natural hair using a latch or crochet hook, hence the name.