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35 Fabulous Summer Fruit Nails For 2024


As summer approaches, it’s time to consider your next manicure. Why not choose a fruity nail design? Fruits like oranges, watermelons, and strawberries bring vibrant colors to your nails, creating a refreshing and summery look. These designs evoke the feeling of sitting under a tree on a warm afternoon, sipping fresh fruit juice. Recreate that summer vibe with one of these 35 fabulous fruit nail designs for 2024, which we found after scouring Instagram.

1. Cute Pink Grapefruit Nails

These nails feature pink grapefruit designs, combining plain pink nails, French tips, and grapefruit stickers on a nude base coat for a stunning result.

2. Orange Summer Fruit Nails

Add a citrus touch to your nails for the 2024 summer vibe. This design is as energizing as freshly squeezed orange juice on a sunny morning.

3. Refreshing Tutti-Frutti Nails

Try this nail design with different fruits on each nail. The bright colors bring a cheerful summer vibe to your look.

4. Lemon Summer Fruit Nails

Create a chic summer look with lemon fruit nail art, elegantly mixing plain yellow nails and lemons on a nude base coat.

5. Watermelon Ombre Stiletto Nails


This watermelon design uses the ombre technique to transition from pink to green, perfectly capturing the essence of watermelon.

6. Orange Slices Fruit Nails


Imagine sipping freshly squeezed orange juice under a citrus tree on a hot summer day. This design recreates that vibe.

7. Dragon Fruit Outline Nails


For fans of bright outlines and French tips, this elegant dragon fruit-inspired design is a perfect choice.

8. Juicy Pink Grapefruit Nails


These neon grapefruit nails mix orange and pink, ideal for summer and tanned skin.

9. Watermelon Aura Cuticle Nails


These nails combine the green of watermelon skin at the cuticles and the pink pulp in a gradient aura.

10. Strawberry Fields Forever Nails


Inspired by the Beatles’ song, this cute strawberry design with pink polish captures its vibe beautifully.

11. Watermelon Summer Fruit Nails


Embrace the summer spirit with this watermelon nail art, perfect for the beach or city.

12. Citrus Summer Fruit Short Nails


This design includes different citrus fruit stickers on each short coffin nail, ideal for summer 2024.

13. Cute Strawberry French Tip Nails


These red and pink strawberry nails are perfect for sunny days, with French tips and chrome finishes adding glamour.

14. Simple Orange Summer Fruit Nails


Reminiscent of fresh orange juice, this citrus nail art is perfect for a summer garden party.

15. Pink Grapefruit Summer Nails


This fruity design features realistic pink grapefruits, almost tempting enough to eat.

16. Simple Fruity Coffin Nails


For an edgy summer look, try these coffin nails with French tips and different fruits on each half-moon.

17. 3D Juicy Grapefruit Nails


These original 3D grapefruit nails are sure to attract attention.

18. Watermelon Sugar High Nails


Inspired by Harry Styles’ song “Watermelon Sugar,” this colorful design captures the music video’s vibe.

19. Bright Yellow Lemon Stiletto Nails


Take your summer manicure to another level with these gorgeous lemon fruit nails, perfect for a bold look.

20. Cute Strawberry Summer Fruit Nails


Enjoy summer vibes with these long strawberry nails, mixing fruits with a green base coat for a natural touch.

21. Juicy Watermelon Coffin Nails


Create a baddie summer look with juicy French tips and watermelon-shaped half-moons.

22. Citrus Fruit Mix Stiletto Nails


This nail art with bright citrus fruits symbolizes the fun and carefree spirit of summer.

23. Cute 3D Orange Fruit Nails


Welcome summer with this nail design featuring 3D orange pulp and Moroccan mosaic patterns.

24. Simple Dragon Fruit Stiletto Nails


This classy pink dragon fruit nail art is simple yet refreshing.

25. Chic Chrome Orange Fruit Nails


Stiletto nails with a chrome top coat and orange fruit design add elegance to your summer look.

26. Short Grapefruit Summer Nails


These cute short nails feature grapefruit slice stickers on a nude base coat.

27. Fun Long Dragonfruit Nails


This bright dragon fruit French tip is a fun twist on the classic French manicure.

28. Juicy Summer Fruit Coffin Nails


Recreate a fruity summer vacation look with this stylish nail art.

29. Cute Watermelon Cuticle Nails


This watermelon design matches all your summer outfits and highlights sun-tanned hands.

30. Simple Dragon Fruit Outline Nails


Embrace summer with this dragon fruit nail art, suitable for the beach or a romantic dinner.

31. Lemon Summer Fruit Grid Nails


The grid trend continues with this bright yellow lemon nail art.

32. Different Fruit On Each Nail Design


Inspired by Emilie Kiser’s viral TikTok nails, this design features a different fruit sticker on each nail.

33. Dragon Fruit Summer Stiletto Nails


These passion fruit nails are perfect for summer outfits and highlight tanned hands.

34. Cute French Lemon Fruit Nails


Add a French touch to your nails with this trendy lemon design.

35. Simple Short Strawberry Nails


Upgrade your red manicure with chic strawberry nail art, adding elegance to the design.