All Microgreen Seeds Differences! (Answered)

The most asked question about microgreen seeds is, are the seeds different from regular seeds? Funny enough people think that there is some special breed of micro seeds that you need to buy in order to grow your microgreens!
Let’s find out what is the difference between the two.

Are Microgreen Seeds Different from Regular Seeds?

There is no difference between microgreens seeds and regular seeds, they are the same thing. No special seeds are needed to grow your microgreens. It’s the environment that dictates how the plant will grow.

The only real difference between one and the other is price. Some sellers will charge more just because they branded the package as “microgreen seeds”. It is common knowledge between growers that you buy REGULAR seeds in bulk. Typically it will cost you about $10 per pound.

Don’t fall for the “PREMIUM MICROGREEN SEEDS” they’re just regular seeds with a lot of marketing put in behind them, that you pay for.

If you do not believe me, just plant a few of them outside or even in a pot, and you’ll see them grow like any other seed you have ever planted.

Can Normal Seeds Be Used for Microgreens?

Yes, they are the same thing, no difference, it’s all about the environment they’re growing in. It’s exactly what I said above, don’t get scammed by “premium” tags on the package. Try to purchase your seeds in bulk and store them away from direct sunlight in a cool spot. You can even refrigerate them if you wish but you will need to make sure they are sufficiently dry.

Why Are Microgreen Seeds More Expensive?

Microgreen seeds are more expensive than regular seeds because of the branding and marketing put behind them. The “premium” tag on the package can raise the price quite high compared to the normal non-branded, simple, not hyped version of the same thing. 

Imagine you are buying bottled water, it would be fair to assume that water is water no matter where you purchase it. Yet some companies have such a good marketing team behind them, that they can price the product at a much higher price than their competitors and still make sales and profit, yet the water has the same taste and quantity as the lesser brands. It’s all about packaging.

Why Are Microgreens So Expensive?

Microgreens are hard to grow, one wrong move and all your yield can be destroyed. This is the main reason why you pay extra for this product. Also lately there has been a huge hype surrounding microgreens because of the pandemic. People want to eat purchase healthy foods that will help them overcome these dire times. Also, the demand is higher than the offer, and because of all the factors that we have mentioned, the price of microgreens is sometimes much higher than full-size vegetables, which is crazy.

What Are the Most Affordable Microgreens Seeds?

It depends on where you are currently located. Local sellers usually have a higher price rather than big chain stores. If you have the time and patience, have a look at what local growers can offer you. If you can’t find any deals, your best bet would be searching for an online shop.

Tru Leaf Market, Burpee, Johnny’s Seeds, Parkseed are good places to start and check some prices.

Remember to check for reviews, and don’t get scammed by the “premium” tag. Wish you a wonderful harvest!