9 Reasons why your garlic not sprouting (Easy Fix)

Why is my garlic not sprouting?

Fungus, bacteria, pests, soil pH, over or underwatering, excessive fertilizer, extreme heat or cold can cause the garlic plants to be stunned. 

Here are a few things you can do to make sure you have the highest chances of success:

  1. Pour boiling water over the soil, this will kill the fungus but it will also remove many of the nutrients your plant will need. Adding fertilizer will be your best bet, make sure you follow the instructions from the manufacturer.
  2. Heating the soil will kill most pathogens that are present in it. 140°F(60°C) for 30 minutes will do the job.
  3. Garlic grows best in 6.0 to 7.0 pH. Adding manure or compost will increase the acidity of the soil and help your plant grow.
  4. Garlic does not grow in dry soil, it needs water but make sure you are not drowning the roots because it will rot and die.
  5. Too much fertilizer will straight up burn your bulbs and nothing will grow from that.
  6. Shading the soil may aid your sprouting process if the sun is scorching or maybe you need to cover it with some cardboards and hay to keep it warm during extreme cold conditions.

Why is my garlic not bulbing?

As mentioned above, bacteria, fungus, pests, extremes, soil pH, over or underwatering may cause your garlic to not bulb. It is important to follow the above steps to make sure you have the highest chance of success when trying to grow your own garlic.

Garlic plants need a change in day length to start bulbing. Make sure you’re in the right season.


Why is my garlic not producing scapes?

Make sure the garlic you have cultivated is not a softneck garlic, which does not produce scapes. Also underwatering, poor soil conditions, too many weeds around your bulbs can reduce the chances of garlic producing scapes.

Also make sure you have waited long enough, garlic scapes appear about 4 to 6 weeks after growing seasons starts.


Why is my garlic not coming up?

You are doing everything right, but they are just not coming up!

Main reason could be, they’re just not ready yet! Growing season has not started for them. Day night cycle needs to change, longer day hours will wake up the garlic plant and your first scapes will start to rise if the garlic variety is a hardneck garlic.


Why is my garlic one big clove?

Most likely it is because it was a mild winter or it was planted too late and it didn’t have enough time and power to form cloves. The plant may decide it needs to consolidate its resources and develop only the lead clove. This is not a huge issue since you can still eat the garlic or use it to grow the next batch.


Why does my garlic look like an onion?

The simple answer is that the bulb is too young and the cloves have not formed yet. It could use more time to grow so it has a chance to form the cloves. You could use them to grow new garlic plants in the next season or even in the current one if you still have time.


Why are garlic cloves so small?

One of the main reasons is planting them too deep or the soil not being soft enough. Garlic should be planted about 3 inches deep and the soil does not need to be compacted.

Also the main 6 reasons why the garlic cloves are so small have been enumerated at the top of our blog post. Make sure you follow the instructions for a big healthy garlic cloves.


Can you eat garlic fresh from the ground?

Yes you can! Just give it a wash and you can enjoy the garlic of your labor haha. We would recommend you eat them with some nice toast because the garlic itself can hold a very strong punch.


Can you leave garlic in the ground for 2 years?

Yes you can! The only issue with it would be that the bulbs will become smaller and smaller since the garlic plants will fight over territory. They can also spread because of the germination rate and fall from a few inches to a few feet from the parent plant.