How Much Light Do Microgreens Need (Explained)

All plants need light in order to proceed live, photosynthesis can only be achieved with natural or artificial light, indoor or outdoor. But plants also need time to sleep, during the dark cycle plants will be consuming oxygen like humans, animals and insects do. In exchange, they will be producing carbon dioxide and water. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the day and night cycle with a few extra tips.


Do Microgreens Need 24 Hours of Light?

No, microgreens do not need 24 hours of light. The ideal light cycle would be 15-18 hours a day. A 24 hour light cycle will give less yield than an 18 hour light cycle.

Thanks to Continuous Harvest YT Channel for the amazing test and explanation.



Can Microgreens Grow in Low Light?

Yes, microgreens can grow in low light and result in a very nice yield. Compared to a professional or even a DIY simple light kit, indirect sunlight will activate the photosynthesis and the seeds will sprout resulting in delicious microgreens.


How Long Do Microgreens Need Light?

Microgreens need at least three to four hours of light a day in order to grow and thrive. This can be achieved with simple direct or indirect light from the sun, even if it is cloudy. If it is not possible for you to receive natural sunlight then a simple grow light will do the trick.


When Do Microgreens Need Light?

Yes, microgreens need light in order to sprout and grow to the desired yield. The minimum light cycle should be about 4 hours a day, and the maximum amount should be 18 hours a day. Depending on your setup this can be achieved with natural or artificial light, with or without a light kit.


Do Microgreens Need Dark?

Yes, microgreens need a dark cycle, during this time plants proceed to respirate in which carbon dioxide and water are produced rather than consumed. It is recommended that the night cycle be between six and eight hours a day.


How Long to Blackout Microgreens?

Blackout the microgreens for one or two days extra after germination. This will help the seeds root deeper and build stronger stems. The weight should be around 3 lbs which are enough to stimulate better growth. 


When to Uncover Microgreens?

Once the microgreens are about one, one-and-a-half inches tall the light cycle can begin. Once uncovered the weight can now be removed, it is not needed anymore. After seven to ten days you can harvest the microgreens.


What Are Some Cheap Grow Lights for Microgreens?

Depending on your setup the answer may vary, but here is a shortlist of the best cheap grow lights we could find.


We suggest you start with one microgreen tray since they grow so fast and you can get a taste for it quickly. After that, you can purchase more trays and more grow lights as you please.