6 Cucumber Plant Problems With & Simple Fix

Why are my cucumber plants falling over?

Cucumbers are vines and they need something to latch on. Give your cucumber plant a trellis to climb up. Commercially, the cucumber vines lay on the ground so it does not hurt them in any way. 

The cucumber plant may fall over even with a trellis if overwatering.. The roots will get damaged if they remain in the water for a long period. Also proper light is needed or the plant will be leggy and weak.


Why are my cucumber plants turning brown?

The most common reason why cucumber plants are turning brown are underwatering and overwatering. If the top two inches of soil are dry you will need to water the plants or if the top two inches are still moist do not water the vines or the roots will be drowned and they will rot.
Other reasons might be fungal, bacterial or viral disease such as mosaic related.


Why are my cucumber vines splitting?

Stem splitting is a common symptom of fast growing vines. It can be a combination of a lot of water and fertilizer – pretty much anything that can cause fast growth. Also cold damage is a common culprit in vines splitting. Common solution is aiding your vines with a trellis and watering them regularly during droughts.


Why are my cucumber vines and leaves turning brown?

Lack of water is one of the main reasons why vines and leaves are turning brown and dry out. They require copious amounts of water to prevent them from drying out and support blooming. 

Direct sunlight can also cause the plant to suffer too much water loss. Buying a shade cover can aid in sprouting, blooming and fruiting if the temperatures are too high in your area.


Why are my cucumber leaves curling?

Insufficient water is the main reason why your cucumber leaves are curling. Other reasons could be fungus, bacteria or insects.
Here are the most common reasons why your plant has curling leaves:

  • Pesky Aphids, these are soft-bodied insects underneath your leaves, which may be black, white, pink or green.
  • Downy Mildew, a grayish fungal disease that curls the leaf.
  • Cucurbit Viruses, it has crinkled appearance, beet leafhoppers spread the virus and it often times leads to the plants death.
  • Too much or too little fertilizer can curl the leaves, cucumbers need lots of nitrogen during growth. Be sure to read the ratio on the back of the fertilizer.


Why are my cucumber seedlings dying?

There are many reasons why the seedlings could die.
Here is a list of reasons why that could happen:

  • Fungus
    The presence of fungus in soil will damage the seedlings or even kill them.
  • Mold and moss will keep the soil damp and without proper drainage it will not allow the seedlings to rise.
  • Too much or too little fertilizer. If there is too much fertilizer, a quick flush can solve the issue.
  • Pets.
    Check your soil for insects, don’t plant the seedlings in soil that’s infected.
  • Temperature.
    70 Fahrenheit or 21 Celcius is the perfect temperature for seedlings to grow in.
    Sudden drops can damage and even kill your seedlings.