Cabbage Issues That Don’t go Away! (5 Solutions)

Let’s try and fix your cabbage issues!


Why is my cabbage growing tall?

If your cabbage grows tall instead of spreading wide, the issue might be the lack of space. But for whatever reason the cabbage can also grow tall even if it has all the space it needs. If it has a good head (heart) there is nothing to worry about. You can mound up soil around it so the trunk does not break.


Why are my cabbage leaves turning brown?

There are 3 reasons why your cabbage leaves might be turning brown:

  1. Boron Toxicity.
    Leaves have scorching on the margins, this occurs on older leaves.
  2. Calcium Deficiency.
    Younger leaves are brown at the tips and it may be evident only if the head is cut open.
  3. Black rot.
    Yellow lesions develop that eventually turn brown on the margin of leaves.
    Black veins can be noticed in the infected leaves.


Why are my cabbage leaves curling?

  • Overfeeding with nitrogen, the leaves begin to curl into a ring shape.
  • Air temperature of more than 86F or +30C, leaves begin to curl inward.
  • Aphid attacks are common, the pest starts sucking the cabbage juice and that’s why the leaves are covered with white spots.
  • Whitefly attacks are also pretty common and they look like a small moth. It lays larvae on the leaves, which feed on the plant sap. The leaves curl dry out and the plant dies.


Why are my cabbage leaves turning purple?

Most likely it is a nutrient deficiency issue, either calcium or phosphorus. The soil usually has enough calcium in it but sometimes the plant can absorb it. Epsom salt can enable a plant to uptake tied up calcium. But be careful sometimes plants with root damage show the same symptoms. 


How to fix leggy cabbage seedlings

This issue is pretty common due to not enough light or the temperature is too high. Giving the plant more light usually solves the problem. If the seedlings are still leggy then you should turn down the heat or even turn it off altogether. 

If nothing works, start again, don’t feel bad about it, we all make mistakes.
This time make sure the temperature is around 68-72 Fahrenheit, 90% humidity, and that they get at least 6 hours of natural light or 12 hours of artificial light. You could also add to the mix a cheap ventilator that will lightly blow over your seedlings for better air circulation and at the same time this will promote stronger stems.